Opening of Muin Clothing Co.

On April 5th, 2019 around 5:00pm I finished everything that I needed to start Muin Clothing Co., but I didn't launch it because after 4 months of working on everything at break-neck speed I needed a day or two to process all that I completed. What started out as an idea to sell tee shirts and talk about entrepreneurship has come to mean something so much more to me.

I once read about an idea that a Mi'kmaw Elder wrote about called “Two-Eyed Seeing”. The concept of seeing with the strengths of both European/Western and Indigenous ideas and beliefs. A balance between the two that operated on a sliding scale depending on the scenario or situation. Each coming from a position of equal strength and respect.

Muin Clothing Co. extends that philosophy to what I call "Two-Eyed Living". I believe that you can honour: the individual and the culture, the person and the nation, the people that were on the land first and the ones that came after.

I believe more than ever that there is more that connects us in this world than divides us. What seems to separate us can actually unite us. It is all a matter of balance and perspective.

If you read the 'Tale of Two Grandmothers' you will understand how I stumbled upon this belief.

Lastly, thank you coming to the website and I hope you like the designs and see something you might want to get for yourself or for someone you know. (because buying clothes for well...just weird.)

Wela'lioq/ Go raibh maith agat/Thank You,

Derek Lewis




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