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Our Made in Canada Pledge

From its' inception, Muin Clothing Co. was envisioned to be a 'Made in Canada' clothing brand. As the owner Derek Lewis said when interviewed, "Once I came up with the idea for Muin, the next step for me was to find 'Made in Canada' clothing. It wasn't a question of if all my clothes were going to be made here, but simply a matter of who and where. Quality and supporting local were my main concerns. I believe the margins and the money will work itself out in time if I focus on providing top quality clothing to my customers."

Muin Clothing Co. is proud to be a part of the reclaiming manufacturing movement that is sweeping across Canada. This is not done to disrespect or denigrate other countries manufacturing processes, but as Derek Lewis went on to say in the same interview, "Part of my thinking on this is basic economics and common sense. If I'm asking Canadian and Indigenous peoples to support my clothing brand, I need to make sure that the clothing is made here. If I don't support fellow Canadian and Indigenous companies with my business, how can I ask those same people to spend their money buying my clothes?"

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