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The Owner

Just a couple of years ago Derek Lewis assumed he would spend the rest of his working life in Post-Secondary academia. From starting his own college at thirty-one, working in the public and private education system for fifteen years, all while still working towards his Doctorate of Education; every sign pointed in that direction. But life never ever goes exactly as planned.

In the summer of 2018, Derek got into a discussion with a friend about whether or not entrepreneurship was a skill-set that could be applied to any type of work, or did you have to be an expert in something first, and then figure out how to make money. Derek joked (maybe bragged) that he could start a business he knew nothing about and make a go of it. He settled on starting a tee shirt company for this ‘exercise in entrepreneurship’, but what he did not count on is that ‘exercise’ would change his life and start him down a path of trying to bring understanding and fellowship to others.

While looking for an idea, Derek gleaned insights from his family history, his experience in change management, and a style of thought he embraced while working on his Doctorate. He connected all of those ideas and in the end was forced to ask himself a much larger question, "Who am I?"

After four months of introspection and hard work, starting on December 1st, 2018, the answer that he came up with for himself, and his business, was Muin. More precisely, Muin Clothing Co.

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